The Company performs transparent and responsible management through opening of its major management affairs to public. SEWON E&C CORP will become a company doing its best at all times to have a step closer to customers.

  • Founded under the name of Miwon Heavy Machinery to manufacture and supply equipments for chemical plant of Miwon Group (Daesang Group) in 1971, SEWON E&C continues to grow and develop each business area quantitatively and qualitatively, pursuing to specialize characteristics of each business area.
  • Pivoting on 3 technology industries including plant, hydraulic and bio businesses SEWON E&C is operated under an organic synergy created by each business area’s competitiveness and vision, and is attempting to establish stable growth and rapid development harmoniously.
  • PE(Process Equipment) business which manufactures petrochemical, oil refining, gas and power plant equipments has been exporting plant equipments to countries around the world such as middle east region on the basis of experiences and technologies accumulated for 40 years, and has manufactured and supplied over 1500 large scale units to about 50 countries in recent 7 years.
  • MS(Mechatronics System) business, which manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic pressure equipments that operates and controls machines with pressure, played a key role in the establishment of Korea’s industrial infrastructure, achieving repeated growth on the basis of know-how learned from technical cooperation with advanced countries. Particularly in the manufacture of industrial hydraulic and pneumatic equipments Sewon E&C plays an important role in machinery industry, commanding the 1st market share among Korean manufacturers in the last 4 years.