Let us introduce the footprints of SEWON E&C's journey of making a dream realized.

  • 2021

    04 SEWONCELLONTECH divided into SEWON E&C & Cellontech

  • 2018

    04 Inauguration of Ryu Seoug-Ju as Joint CEO

  • 2016

    04 Completion of Chilseo factory

  • 2015

    02 Subsidiary company “Olympus RMS' opened Tokyo CPC

  • 2014

    11 Acquired marketing permission of medical device 「LUCIZEN」, high concentration bio-collagen filler (Tissue recovery biomaterial) (MFDS)

    07 Registered ‘Bio-collagen powder' on US FDA as raw material medicine

    06 Entered into export agreement of raw material for ‘Bio-collagen' artificial cornea (with Swedish LinkoCare Life Sciences)

    04 Commendation of the President for chairman JANG, JEONGHO on the Health Day

    01 「CartiFill」 was recognized as new medical technology by NECA

  • 2013

    06 Acquired marketing permission of medical device 「CartiZol」 and 「RegenSeal」 which are filler for collagen using tissue (MFDS)

    03 Acquired marketing permission of medical device 「CartiFill」 (MFDS)

    01 Successful participation in the Naro rocket launch (Hydraulic sector)

    01 Opened Plant Technology Institute

  • 2012

    02 Acquired registration and marketing permission of medical device 「TheraFill」 in Argentine (ANMAT)

    02 「CHONDRON」 was recognized as new medical technology by the Health-Welfare Ministry

    02 The country’s first successful mass-production of high-capacity ratio pressure control valve

    02 Acquired marketing permission of medical device 「OssFill」 and 「SurgiFill」 (MFDS)

  • 2011

    12 Completion of Gunsan factory

    12 Permission of establishment of 「babycell」 cord blood bank by the Health-Welfare Ministry

    09 Acquired marketing permission of medical device 「TheraForm」, collagen absorbing and cut filler (KFDA)

    09 Received 「the England Healthcare Innovation Award」 for cartilage restoration medical technology

    01 Acquired Europe CE Certification of OssFill (bone for biomaterial implant)

  • 2010

    04 Acquired the country’s first marketing permission of 「TheraFill」, the collagen filler for improvement of soft-tissue (Tissue recovery biomaterial) (KFDA)

  • 2009

    03 Recived a certification of a special enerprises of Components and Material

  • 2008

    12 Entered into establishment agreement of Olympus RMS with Olympus Corporation in Japan and added it as subsidiary company

    10 Incorporated RMS Innovations UK

    09 Commendation of Minister of Knowledge Economy ? It recognized our meritorious deed of developing superior capital goods.

    08 Merged an affiliated company SEWON G-TECH CO., LTD

    07 New construction of Theraform factory

    03 Export of babycell cord blood bank technology (Indian RMS Regrow Pvt.)

  • 2007

    10 Acquired Europe CE Certification of BioCollagen wound medicine

    05 Development and release of attelo collagen cosmetics

  • 2006

    11 Acquired Europe CE Medical Device Certification of RMS regeneration medical technologies and ISO13485 Certification

    11 Completion of BioCollagen filler production facility

    07 Relisted on the Korea Exchange

    07 SEWONCELLONTECH divided into SC Engineering & Sewon Cellontech

  • 2005

    11 Renamed to SEWONCELLONTECH Co., Ltd(Merged Sewon E&T Corp. and Cellontech Co.,Ltd)

    10 2005 Received excellence award of Korea Technologies Exposition for 「RMS Ossron」

    05 Oil Pressure Technology Research Center established

  • 2004

    12 SEWONCELLONTECH China established (Qingpu industrial zone, Shanghai, China)

    07 Established Joint-venture company in Republic of Kazakhstan

    03 Received IR52 Jang Young Sil award (Ministry of Science & Technology) ? 「CHONDRON」

  • 2003

    10 Received silver award of 2003 Korea Technologies Exposition for 「CHONDRON」

    03 Acquired ISO 9001/2003 certification of babycell cord blood bank

  • 2002

    04 Renamed to Sewon E&T Corp.

    01 Established babycell cord blood bank

  • 2001

    01 Got approval of CHONDRON as No.1 bio-tech drug product

  • 2000

    07 Obtained CE Mark (Solenoid v/v DSG-01, DSG-03)

    04 Built a factory of cell therapy products

  • 1999

    12 Sale contract and Air Cylinder technology transfer with KONAN

  • 1998

    05 Accredited ISO 9001 Certificate

    04 Establishment of Tissue Engineering Research Group

  • 1997

    06 Listed in the Korean Public Stock Market

  • 1994

    04 Renamed to Sewon Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd

  • 1993

    08 Acquired ASME Certificate [ U2 ]

  • 1992

    00 Expanded business into Class-Lined Equipment manufacturing

  • 1981

    00 Began engineering business with major petrochemical projects

  • 1977

    11 Joint Venture Agreement with Mitsui Engineering & Shipping Co.,Ltd, Japan

    00 Launched process equipment business in Changwon plant

  • 1971

    01 Established under the name of Miwon Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd