Please meet brand identity and concept of SEWON CELLONTECH CORP.

Corporate Symbol

As a symbol of visual expression of the Company’s image, SEWON CELLONTECH CORP mark is a core element of CI program.

Main Color System

  • CMYK CO + M100 +Y70 +K40 / PANTONE 101-1 CVS
  • CMYK CO + M100 +Y70 +K20 / PANTONE 99-1 CVS
  • CMYK C60 + M90 +Y100 +K15 / PANTONE 320 3-CVS
  • CMYK C50 + M85 +Y85 +K10 / PANTONE 323-6 CVS


As a systematic combination of symbol and logotype, signature is a display system to directly express SEWON CELLONTECH CORP’s image.
Signature is used in various media such as PR, signs and documents, and it has been developed in many kinds to meet the respective functions.
Its proportion, distance or size cannot be arbitrarily changed or reproduced; and in case of reproduction, one has to follow duplication method or computer output method according to reproduction data.